The Eastbourne airshow (“Airbourne“) is a four-day event, starting on Thursday, but there’s usually more action at the weekend. I attended two days but most of these photos are from Friday; Saturday was overcast. Flying was between 12:45 and 17:00 on both days, during which George ‘Smokey’ Bacon provided a well-pitched commentary.

Eastbourne airshow 2018 – my photos

Radio frequencies

The following frequencies were in use:

Lifeboat / Coastguard156.0 (FM)
Safety boat “Katrina”156.675 (FM)


The display line for the Eastbourne airshow is over water, running south-west to north-east, with the crowd facing south-east. The sun starts in front of the crowd but crosses behind, to the right, at about 15:00. Crowd centre is by the Wish Tower.