This was the second JetFest at North Weald. It was not an airshow (and was never billed as such) but a static display, with pilots and operators happy to share their enthusiasm for their aircraft. The bad weather prevented some of the lighter types such as Bulldogs and Chipmunks from flying in, but the L-29 Delfin, Gnats, Strikemasters, Jet Provosts and HUEY (Bell UH-1H) more than made up for that.

Aero Legends have recently opened a base at North Weald and showed off “Elizabeth”, their Spitfire, and “Drag ’em Oot”, the DC-3 that flew at this year’s Flying Legends.

JetFest 2019 – my photos

Radio frequencies

The following frequencies were in use:

North Weald Radio123.525


Runway 20 was in use, with the public area west of the runway.