Except for a spirited performance from the Typhoon, bad weather put a stop to most flying on Friday. Saturday was a total contrast with clear skies and humid conditions that made for some exciting wing vapour puffs from the Typhoon.

The Blades have now retired from the display circuit, but their shoes were excellently filled by Team Raven‘s six-ship RV-8 formation.

My highlight was watching the BBMF’s Lancaster and the Typhoon flying in formation.

Eastbourne airshow 2023 – my photos

Radio frequencies

The following frequencies were in use:

Safety boats “Sea Hawk” and “Magic”156.675 (FM)


The display line for the Eastbourne airshow is over water, running south-west to north-east, with the crowd facing south-east. The sun starts in front of the crowd but crosses behind, to the right, at about 15:00. Crowd centre is by the Wish Tower.